[CDBUG-talk] Let's have a meetup, which doesn't have to be a meeting!

Jameel Akari jakari at bithose.com
Fri Sep 5 16:13:39 EDT 2014


Yeah we had suggested a couple places in Troy, on a weeknight.  At least a 
few of us are from Troy, and I think the rest of you should spend all your 
money here. :)

More seriously if we can get an idea of date & time (7pm-?) we can pick a 
venue based on how many of us would show up.

My impression is this is more a social event so I'm not going to try to 
find someplace with a projector or laptop outlets or anything.

Looking forward to meeting y'all I haven't before.

Jameel Akari

(Also yes I totally just top-posted, in a text-only MUA even.)

On Thu, 4 Sep 2014, Brian Callahan wrote:

> Howdy --
> Some talk on lily spurred a new email from me. Let's talk seriously about 
> getting together. Doesn't have to be formal. But I'd at least like to get to 
> know everyone (and hey - reunion for you guys!)
> I'm gonna drag everyone out of the woodwork here. So don't be shy! At least 
> respond, say hi, and hopefully we'll see you soon.
> I think the consensus on lily was to do an early weekday night 
> (Monday/Tuesday) and go to a bar/pub of some sort. A couple places with what 
> I'm assuming were small gathering rooms were tossed out as ideas (please fill 
> in my memory lapses).
> So yeah! Let's make this happen. Nothing formal, not putting anyone on the 
> spot, just meet, greet, hang out, and have fun.
> ~ Brian
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