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Nick Holland nick at holland-consulting.net
Wed Nov 4 21:47:33 EST 2015

MANY MANY years ago when I was in school, I organized a computer group.
 The first idea I had for a meeting place was local restaurants, but
that worked out very poorly, in that I kinda figured and they kinda
figured they'd get some business out of it.  I underestimated the
cheapness of some people ('specially college students that sunk all
their spare money into their computer!).  Also, the little bit of
business they did get tended to be rather disruptive to the meeting
itself.  On the first point, hopefully a BSD group might be better (but
then...we are used to their OS for free...pay for food?).  On the
second...probably still the same.

We ended up using a local school.  This actually worked out pretty well.
 The school expected nothing in return from us, but they were supposed
to provide services to the community.  Even more now, schools tend to be
very much "open" until at least 9p or 10p virtually every night due to
various activities.  But yes, probably need a local resident to make
that request.  And this could be somewhat unstable if we have only one
local resident of the Central Township School District and they drift
off (or move!) after a while.

The first place I can think of that 1) might be actively interested in
hosting us, 2) might profit from hosting us 3) we might enjoy their
profiting from hosting us and 4) is in a reasonable location and 5)
*may* have a place to host us (I think they have a classroom somewhere)
is Microcenter at 14 & I-75.  "Reasonable" location in that it is
centrally located...though actually GETTING there can be interesting
with traffic at rush hour.

Another idea might be employers...if someone works for a company that
has an appropriate space, they might be willing to host.  What do they
get out of it?  Maybe better skilled employees.  Space has to be
appropriate -- I'm thinking of my office...we have a room that is
relatively isolated from things people shouldn't be touching (good), but
getting into it after 6:00p is a bit difficult, as could be finding it
in the building (not so good).

Days: I'd prefer not Friday or Wednesday, myself.


On 11/04/15 20:47, Michael W. Lucas wrote:
> In getting space in a library, it's best if a local resident reserves
> the room. Don't suppose you (or anyone here) is a resident of RO or
> Ferndale?
> I can stop by Goldfish Tea on my way to the dojo one night, check it
> out. We'd probably be the only North American user group to meet in a
> tea house, but what the heck. 
> On Wed, Nov 04, 2015 at 08:38:58PM -0500, Sonic wrote:
>> Hello to all,
>> Thanks much for your efforts Michael. Both the Ferndale and Royal Oak
>> Public Libraries are possibilities. Also there's an appropriate place
>> in downtown Royal Oak that would most likely accommodate the group -
>> Goldfish Tea (nice place to sip some tea while meeting). Suggest a
>> peek into Goldfish and if enough are interested in it or the libraries
>> I can do some followup.
>> Chris
>> On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 7:12 PM, Michael W. Lucas
>> <mwlucas at michaelwlucas.com> wrote:
>> > Hi there! Welcome.
>> >
>> > We have a dozen people on the list now, so I guess I'll get this ball
>> > rolling. Let's talk place, timing, and topics.
>> >
>> > 1) Before we can have a real user group, we need a place to meet.
>> >
>> > I'm very open to suggestions. Nick and I live over next to Lake St
>> > Clair, though, and we'd really rather not drive to Novi every month. A
>> > place somewhere vaguely near the I-75 and I-696 intersection would be
>> > ideal.
>> >
>> > I'm told that many restaurants and bars have space for meetings. Many
>> > public libraries do as well. I can get a room here at the Grosse
>> > Pointe Public Library, but that's a little far east for most
>> > people. Nick and I would be fine, though.
>> >
>> > A consistent meeting day and place is key to a successful user
>> > group. If people know when and where the group will meet, they're more
>> > likely to show up even if they miss a couple months.
>> >
>> > Josh Grosse (not on the list yet, so I've cc'd him) has volunteered to
>> > take point on investigating restaurants & bars for suitability. But
>> > there's lots of places out there, and room for lots of people to pitch
>> > in.
>> >
>> > Or suggest places you already know of.
>> >
>> > Ideas?
>> >
>> > 2) Once we have place, there's time. I'm assuming that Friday-Monday
>> > is less than desirable. I'm inclined to Tuesday, Wednesday, or
>> > Thursday night, after work. Other thoughts?
>> >
>> > 3) Finally: try to keep this on-topic. Specifically, try not to talk
>> > about (electoral) politics or religion. These two topics have
>> > destroyed more than one online group I've been in. I feel obliged to
>> > state my biases up front, so: I'll use my unfair advantage as mailing
>> > list admin to squash such discussions before they turn bloody.
>> >
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>> >
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