[Semibug] first real message

Josh Grosse josh at jggimi.homeip.net
Wed Nov 4 21:09:29 EST 2015

On Wed, Nov 04, 2015 at 08:47:28PM -0500, Michael W. Lucas wrote:
> In getting space in a library, it's best if a local resident reserves
> the room. Don't suppose you (or anyone here) is a resident of RO or
> Ferndale?
> I can stop by Goldfish Tea on my way to the dojo one night, check it
> out. We'd probably be the only North American user group to meet in a
> tea house, but what the heck. 

I drink tea at the office, because the "coffee" there isn't.[1] So, I'd be 
delighted with this possible alternative, if they have sufficient space 
for meetings.  I can meet you there.


[1]  Ingredients: moldy twigs, fill dirt, hot sewage, with an oily sheen
     of petroleum distillate.

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