[Semibug] Planning meeting place and time

Jeff Marraccini marraccini at acm.org
Fri Nov 13 10:04:59 EST 2015

MUG Crud?  Ugh.

I went to that meeting and came out unscathed, but then again, you talked with a lot more people than I did.

Hope you feel better soon!

> On Nov 13, 2015, at 10:03, Michael W. Lucas <mwlucas at michaelwlucas.com> wrote:
> I mentioned something about possibly moving the meeting venue, and
> promptly fell over ill.[1] We have no time to change anything without
> creating a mess and confusing people.
> We meet at the Hazel Park Raceway restaurant, 6:30 PM, and figure out
> what we want in the future. Buy a soda or a beer or something so we
> can justify our existence there.
> Josh Grosse has a quick talk on ports. If the space isn't amenable to
> a slide show, I can do a quick talk without slides.
> I see a couple actual restaurants interested parties can hit later for
> actual food, notably the Falling Down Beer Co, Pi's Thai, and LA Coney
> Island.
> I'll be tallying up the day preferences shortly.
> ==ml
> [1]I got ill after giving a talk at mug.org. Only place I've been for
> days, so I'm pretty sure I got it there. I propose a semibug rule:
> "show up sick, and we will make sure you're not contagious, with a
> flamethrower."
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