[Semibug] Looking for stable old browser

Brian Brodsky brianbrodsky at ameritech.net
Fri Dec 2 17:20:06 EST 2016

Did you try konqueror or epiphany?

On 12/02/2016 04:17 PM, Mike Wayne wrote:
> With the old tech I've seen at meetings, I figured I'd ask here.
> I have an old (2007) server that runs an application that acts as a
> web server (http, not https). Recent versions of Chrome, Opera, etc
> refuse to display the pages it renders. While I can get in via lynx,
> I really need a graphical browser to use all the features.
> I'd appreciate recommendations for an old stable, reliable, web
> browser that does not insist on the server being the latest and
> greatest thing and won't try to upgrade itself every time I run it.
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