[Semibug] ZFS and dump

Mike Wayne semibug15 at wayne47.com
Tue Dec 13 14:18:44 EST 2016

Figured I'd check for local wisdom before hitting freebsd-questions.

Tossed together a new FreeBSD 11 server using ZFS, went to add
backups and dump is not happy.

We have an existing UFS-based (no ZFS on the machine) backup server
with a custom script that reaches out to each other server, does
the appropriate level dump to stdout, pulls it across the network
vis ssh (there is not enough room on the other servers to keep a
copy of some of the file systems), compresses them and manages the
files to keep only what policy dictates.

This permits quick restoring of single files when required or a
full filesystem if diaster strikes and also insures that no backups
are kept longer than policy dictates.

On a 9.3 server, dump appears to work correctly dumping device 
names like:

No similar device appears on FreeBSD 11 and dump bitches when
I give it a mount point.

The net blithers about "zfs send" but it seems to demand something
that can handle "zfs receive" on the other side. And, it further
seems that there is no way to do a restore of a single file.

I can't believe that ZFS would go that far backwards in functionality.
If it really was that stupid, I'm going back to hardware RAID

What am I msising?  Is there some way to tell ZFS to create the 
devices so that dump can access them?

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