[Semibug] Tomorrow evenings talk

Jeffrey David Marraccini jeff at nucleus.mi.org
Wed May 17 10:23:11 EDT 2017

Apologies, I had no means to help with this.  Good talk, and thanks 
again for the demo of the really impressive core memory (DEC PDP-8), 
display, and frequency counter!

As promised, this is the link to the Hadoop training on lynda.com, which 
most of you should be able to access free through your local Public Library:




On 5/15/17 18:24, Mark Moellering wrote:
> If anyone has the equipment (camera / steady hand to hold a phone ) to
> record my presentation tomorrow, and you are coming to the meeting
> tomorrow,  it would be greatly appreciated if you brought it.  My boss
> would like a recording, if possible.
> Thanks
> Mark
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