[Semibug] BSDCan

James Turner james at calminferno.net
Fri Apr 13 14:49:20 EDT 2018

First Hi! I'm new here, hope to attend my first SEMIBUG on Tuesday. I
ran LivBUG for a couple months if any of you happened to make it out to
Livingston County while we were around.

Was wondering if anyone was attending BSDCan this year? I figure
Michael is since he is giving a talk :), but was wondering if anyone
else was as well?

Was wondering what people's travel plans were. Planes, trains,
automobiles. I last attended in 2015 I think before my first kid was
born and the wife and I took Viarail out of Windsor.

Anyways, greetings and look forward to meeting everyone on Tuesday.

James Turner

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