[Semibug] BSDCan

Jeffrey David Marraccini jeff at nucleus.mi.org
Fri Apr 13 15:32:39 EDT 2018

Unfortunately I will not be able to again this year due to work travel, 
but I do highly recommend taking the VIA Rail out of either Sarnia or 
Windsor to Ottawa.  Please note that if you wish, VIA Rail will work 
with you to set up an extra night (or even multiple nights) in Toronto 
if you want to stop in Toronto going or coming back.  Similarly, I have 
arranged an overnight in London and Stratford (for the festival!) on 
past trips.  The web app might not be able to achieve it in all cases, 
but working with them over the phone, there is a lot of flexibility 
without adding costs.

I have never flown to Ottawa since I find the train trip so enjoyable.

Looking forward to seeing you at SemiBUG, and I hope you have a great 
BSDCan as well!


On 2018-04-13 14:49, James Turner wrote:
> First Hi! I'm new here, hope to attend my first SEMIBUG on Tuesday. I
> ran LivBUG for a couple months if any of you happened to make it out to
> Livingston County while we were around.
> Was wondering if anyone was attending BSDCan this year? I figure
> Michael is since he is giving a talk :), but was wondering if anyone
> else was as well?
> Was wondering what people's travel plans were. Planes, trains,
> automobiles. I last attended in 2015 I think before my first kid was
> born and the wife and I took Viarail out of Windsor.
> Anyways, greetings and look forward to meeting everyone on Tuesday.

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