[Semibug] MeatBSD - interim status report #2

Josh Grosse josh at jggimi.net
Wed Dec 5 16:18:29 EST 2018

I've spoken with the sales manager.

* We are currently booked in the main room.  All of the
  private rooms were already booked at the time of our

* We can revert to the standard menu if y'all want, at
  any time before the final count is needed.  I'm OK with
  the fixed-price "Amethyst" menu.  As is Brian, who 
  contacted me directly after my first interim report.
  That's the $60/pp menu, for those who don't have the
  need to see the PDF again.  For those that do:


I'm going to reach out to the manager on Thursday of
next week with a "good" count, prior to providing him
with our guaranteed count on Saturday.  If you haven't
contacted me to join the party, and you are still 
interested, please don't hesitate to reply to me 
directly, or to the group.

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