[Semibug] MeatBSD - final numbers

Josh Grosse josh at jggimi.net
Fri Dec 14 15:31:08 EST 2018

We are 15 for dinner on Tuesday at 7pm.

Fogo de Chao
301 West Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI 48084
(248) 817-1800

The reservation is, of course, under "SemiBUG."

We will have a single bill, which will include tax, tip,
and of course, any incidentals such as bar items.

We are taking the $60pp Amethyst group meal, which is the 
full experience plus dessert, and non-alcoholic beverages.
With tax (6%), and standard tip (18%), this is $74.40pp. 

This will be presented as a single bill for $1,116.00.

I will need attendees' help to pay it.  Either bring cash
or make arrangements to pay me electronically (Paypal, Zelle),
in advance.  Please.

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