[Semibug] DIY Hardware firewall on OpenBSD

Nick Holland nick at holland-consulting.net
Tue Feb 20 08:33:48 EST 2018

Bang for the buck, it's really hard to beat an old PC with a few NICs
stuffed in it.  Yes, power consumption can be more than some of the
embedded devices, but if you look at how long it will take to pay off
the cost of buying a new computer (and pick and chose your HW with the
use of a Wattmeter), it's usually a win.

Besides, reusing is the ultimate "green" :)

PIII, some good quality NICs (Intel fxp cards), 20G+ hard disk will do
nicely for up to around 60Mbps, if you want gigabit, probably want a P4,
and if you really want to pump packets, you will want some PCIe cards
(and slots).  256M RAM is fine for home use, and probably some
semi-serious small business use.


On 02/18/18 20:22, Mark Moellering wrote:
> Everyone,
> If I were to build a basic firewall for a small network, to between the
> network and the ISP's router, any suggestions on hardware?  My plan was
> to use pf on OpenBSD
> Thanks
> Mark
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