[Semibug] Greetings

Andrew Ruscica andrew at ruscica.com
Wed Jun 10 16:43:46 EDT 2020

I for one have enjoyed reading the responses.

My own response---  plenty of openbsd, freebsd, pfsense and a bit of
freenas, on-prem and in-cloud.

Workstation?  I really want to return to openbsd.  Right now married
to.....  OSX.  (Does that count actually?)

On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 7:38 AM <_ at thomaslevine.com> wrote:

> David writes:
> > Do you guys use *BSD on the desktop, server and/or in the cloud?
> Since the answer is of course going to be "yes" on any BSD user group
> mailing list, I am wondering, why are you asking?
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