[Semibug] Greetings and meetings

David Billsbrough orlandobsd at riseup.net
Thu Jun 11 12:58:31 EDT 2020

Andrew wrote:

> I for one have enjoyed reading the responses.

 ... so am I!

> My own response---  plenty of openbsd, freebsd, pfsense and a bit of freenas, on-prem and in-cloud.

> Workstation?  I really want to return to openbsd.  Right now married to.....  OSX.
>  (Does that count actually?)

I tried installing FuryBSD day before yesterday on an older DELL
Optiplex mini-tower with only 1G on RAM.
Not recommended to do (less than 2G of memory) ... that is I got a
functional FreeBSD desktop running
XFCE.  The installer locked up so I logged in a root and killed the
processes of the installer.  Then copied
bash script and deleted the steps already completed and ran the
remaining steps not completed.

More memory on order!

Am running a pair of VPS using FreeBSD 12.1 as web servers on Digital
Ocean and Vultr.

I'm checking around with other *BSD user groups to see what topics are
covered and what technical areas people
are interested in.  Also I trying to build a list of possible meeting
topics for online viewing.


Any comments?


David Billsbrough - Chuluota, FL
The almost *BSD developer and hardware hacker
web: https://www.orlandobsd.org/

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