[Semibug] Sluug: Browser Privacy Presentation on 13 July.

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St. Louis UNIX Users group is giving a presentation on web browser security. 

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BASIC/TUTORIAL Topic: What You Should Get with GIT

Presenter: James Conroy <https://www.sluug.org/bio/James_Conroy>

will be 

MAIN Topic: Locking Down Your Web Browser

Presenter: Scott Granneman <https://www.sluug.org/bio/Scott_Granneman>
What web browsers are doing for your privacy (Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox, Vivaldi, Safari)

Something more advanced, detailed, important, new, profound, significant, timely or useful.

Web browsers are the most important software on most computers, but if you are not careful, you can inadvertently reveal way too much information about yourself to websites, companies, and even the Web browser makers themselves. In this talk Scott is going to give advice and instructions for locking down browsers, as well as showing you some of the very cool new browsers on the scene. And on top of that, Scott is going to cover some brand new, not-Google, don't-track-you search engines as well.

More details will be published on https://www.sluug.org/ when available.

~6pm Zoom room opens.

6:30~7pm tutorial = What you should “get” from “git”.

~7pm~~7:15 announcements & general Q&A.

~7:15 maybe 7:30 starts MAIN presentation = Browser Security.

~9pm close. The presentation certainly won’t go THIS long but frequently people like to stay and just keep talking about tonite’s topics or fork off to other open src issues.

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