[Semibug] Hello world

Gonzalo Raul Nemmi gnemmi at cpacf.org.ar
Thu Jun 23 22:26:44 EDT 2022

Hello everyone!

My name is Gonzalo.

I'm new to the list and to the SemiBUG as well. I'm a BSD enthusiast and you'll
always find me trying to run DragonFly BSD on all of my machines. I hope to
make some friends in this group and attend to as many on-line events as I can.

I don't live in the US, so the SemiBUG on-line talks and presentations give me
an unique opportunity to participate on events that otherwise would be
impossible for me to attend, and I'm really grateful and thankful for that and
the effort that that Jonathan he puts on them. Thanks to that, I had the chance
to attend the talk from Justin Sherrill (April 19th) and the one from Michael
W Lucas (June 21st), and I have to say that I enjoy them a lot!.

Thanks for having me, and I hope I can be of help.

P.S.: Jonathan, did you manage to solve your OpenBSD SSH server -> Linux
SSH client scp issue?

Kind regards,

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