[Semibug] Install webstore on OpenBSD Server

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Tue Aug 22 01:09:34 EDT 2023

This is SteveT speaking: Some of the stuff (the less than polite stuff) 
attributed to me wasn't from me. As far as I remember, my contributions
to this email were that the OP's buying a $100 machine indicates his
resource needs don't necessitate VMs, and I also said that the OP just
wants to operate a web store.

SteveT: Until the BCLUG puts some clue of the name of the poster in the
headers appearing on the average email client (from, to, subject,
date), I suggest everybody preface every paragraph they write with an
identifier unique to themselves. By doing this, confusion and hurt
feelings will be avoided.

SteveT: I normally don't top-post, but this situation requires doing so
for clarity's sake.


BCLUG said on Mon, 21 Aug 2023 17:44:00 -0700

>Steve Litt wrote on 2023-07-28 17:42:
>> BCLUG said on Thu, 27 Jul 2023 17:05:58 -0700
>>>> Jonathan Drews wrote on 2023-07-27 16:22:
> >>>
> >>> The whole Hypervisor/Virtual Machine cincept is just crazy.
> >>>
> >>> [...]
>>>> Virtual Machines are like many of the pointless technologies
>>>> embraced by Linux.  
> >>
>>> Once again, you've missed the point and fail to see any scenario
>>> larger than "me and a couple friends sharing a computer for
>>> insignificant purposes".
> >>  
> >
>> There's a HUGE distance between "me and a couple friends sharing a
>> computer for insignificant purposes" and the huge swaths of computer
>> users and the "thousands to millions of users who require 99.999%
>> uptime" you referred to in another reply.  
>After listening to 156 episodes of 2.5 Admins podcast 
>(https://2.5admins.com/), featuring Allen Jude (FreeBSD, ZFS, and Jim 
>Salter (former contributor to ArsTechnica.com, it seems they are 
>frequent users of VMs for most any server / service they spin up.
>But they can speak for themselves on the topic.
>Do you have any issues with the advice I gave on self-hosting a web 
>store?  Refresher: no mention of a VM...
>> From what I see, the original
>> poster just wants to operate a web store.  
>Then why the rant about "Virtual Machines are like many of the
>pointless technologies embraced by Linux" and "The whole
>Hypervisor/Virtual Machine cincept [sic] is just crazy"?
>Just don't use VMs.
>No one suggested using a VM for a self-hosted store.
>> The fact that he's buying a
>> $100 host tells me he's not getting huge traffic,
> > [...]
>> If and when he gets to that point, he'll need to, and be in a
>> position to, outsource to extremely talented people. But until then,
>> he doesn't need scalability:  
>As I said in, I believe, my first reply, paraphrasing, "Don't use the 
>features you don't want to use" (in relation to Shopify).
>Applies to VMs too.
>I was too busy to attend the full TrueNAS presentation, did anyone
>tell Chris Peredun (iXsystems) that they're doing it all wrong, what
>with those VMs and systemd and other "pointless technologies embraced
>by Linux" on TrueNAS Scale™?

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