[Semibug] OS choice for computer illiterate family members?

CAREY SCHUG sqrfolkdnc at comcast.net
Sat May 20 23:51:03 EDT 2023

As a person who has not set up virtual machines yet....  A former mainframer who finds non-mainframe virtual machines difficult, confusing and, well, unacceptable (Cannot run an install of a random new OS unless the hypervisor is familiar with that revision of that OS to fake things that cannot be virtualized)....

Could you set up an automatic/transparent hypervisor, so the host would be bsd or linux, but the user would see only, for instance, chrome or even winblows?   Because so many pieces of software they might want to run do not (at least not easily) run on *nix systems?  In my case, I run winblows on several computers ONLY for zoom, since the winblows client has SOOOOO many more features than the *nix client (does the linux client even run on BSD?).

I'm thinking of something like Qubes. Once software is installed (you would have to do it), you click on the program and it spins up a fresh copy of an os to run it, tosses it away when you close.

Just my two/tenths of a cent worth.  Probably the answer is "no".


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