[nycbug-talk] bof/linuxexpo prep

Wes Sonnenreich wes
Thu Dec 11 21:49:07 EST 2003

> 3. bof speaker (s)???: (WE NEED TO DISCUSS AND PLAN TOGETHER)
> 	don from bsdmall
> 	? from nycbug
> 	hans from nyphp
> 	? from wasabi
> 	wes from openlysecure

certainly willing to create a few minutes worth of security talk, etc...

I'll also have a few copies of my new book as givaways... perhaps more if
McGraw gets us some... they also might have other freebies, who knows.
They're not doing anything directly at the expo -- actually, they've given
up on expos altogether. They'll still offer some support, but I'm not sure
what that will mean.

> 4. projector with laptop? (got the projector, but my laptop battery is
> dead)

I've got laptop and projector... but what do we want to project? And
unfortunately, my laptop is NOT running a bsd variant (intel driver
problems, go figure).

> 6.  what else?

I'll attempt to seduce booth bunnies into coming to our meeting.

Spoke with tekserve -- they might be up for offering us space for a
meeting... gotta talk to the guy in charge, hopefully will hear from him
in a few days.


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