[nycbug-talk] bof/linuxexpo prep

G. Rosamond george
Thu Dec 11 22:17:52 EST 2003

->certainly willing to create a few minutes worth of security 
->talk, etc...


->I'll also have a few copies of my new book as givaways... 
->perhaps more if McGraw gets us some... they also might have 
->other freebies, who knows. They're not doing anything 
->directly at the expo -- actually, they've given up on expos 
->altogether. They'll still offer some support, but I'm not 
->sure what that will mean.

that would be fine. . .

->I've got laptop and projector... but what do we want to 
->project? And unfortunately, my laptop is NOT running a bsd 
->variant (intel driver problems, go figure).

right, not sure if it's necessary. . .

->I'll attempt to seduce booth bunnies into coming to our meeting.

might not be a good idea politically, if i understand it correctly.

it doesn't exactly encourage women members.

->Spoke with tekserve -- they might be up for offering us space 
->for a meeting... gotta talk to the guy in charge, hopefully 
->will hear from him in a few days.

i met a aaron friedman at macworld through bsdmall, plus a number of
other people.

a space would be great, particularly that it's tekserve.  great way to
pull in some mac/bsd types. . .


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