[nycbug-talk] "The Code Book"

jc jesse
Thu Apr 15 17:31:17 EDT 2004

Certainly can't go wrong with "Cryptonomicon", Neal Patrick Stephenson. I
was stuck to that book for quite a while. It's historical fiction going from
the beginning of WWII to present. Talks about breaking Enigma code and
compares it to modern cryptanalysis. Not much fun if you just want some
codes to break, but it goes into the ethics of strong encryption and
privacy. Talk of Turing and Wheeler's thing, military escapades, a
malevolent dentist...


> I read this one at the end of 2002. must say it's one of the best book I
> ever come across. another book by the same author is "Fermat's enigma".
> good read..
> I even attempted the challenge at the end of the book. but solved the
> two. but never completed. I think I will leave the rest till I retire :)
> -Paul
> On Wednesday 14 April 2004 23:30, G. Rosamond wrote:
> > has anyone else read this, it's by Simon Singh.
> >
> > Came out in 1999. . . .totally floored by it. . .
> >
> > never imagined there would be a popular, easy-readable history of
> > cryptography.
> >
> > the classic david kahn book the code breakers is too too long, but i
> > think i'll finally have the patience this summer. . .i've had it on the
> > shelf long enough.
> > thoughts?

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