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>Certainly can't go wrong with "Cryptonomicon", Neal Patrick 
>Stephenson. I
>was stuck to that book for quite a while. It's historical 
>fiction going from
>the beginning of WWII to present. Talks about breaking Enigma code and
>compares it to modern cryptanalysis. Not much fun if you just want some
>codes to break, but it goes into the ethics of strong encryption and
>privacy. Talk of Turing and Wheeler's thing, military escapades, a
>malevolent dentist...

But i got to be honest. . .I didn't enjoy much fiction, at all, but was
thrilled by Da Vinci's Code. . .historical/reality-based fiction has its

But it got to a point where the conspiracy theories and over-done
intricate plots which all reconnected at the end. . .but of course, all
starting with the solo authority hooking up with the beautiful but
overseas and undiscovered brain is getting a little trying. . .Da
Vinci's Code, Angels and Devils, Digital Fortress. . .etc.  Yes, "based"
in reality with CERN, etc.  Even a mention of Schneier that Schneier
himself mentioned at a talk recently in Da Vinci's Code on page 199.

Maybe Cryptonomicon doesn't go that route. . .don't mean to prejudge,
these conspiracies could all be true for all i care.  But you talk
encryption and cryptoanalysis, you talk conspiracies when it comes to

Again, I should check out the book and not prejudge. . .

But for me, better to read reality.


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