[nycbug-talk] Survey for upcoming 'Hacking iBook'

Isaac Levy ike
Tue Apr 20 11:45:01 EDT 2004

Hi Aron,

On Apr 20, 2004, at 10:39 AM, Aron Roberts wrote:

> How is this specific to the iBook if there it nothing hardware  
> specific? I could see maybe XFree config files under NetBSD or  
> something being iBook specific. Is the iBook just the box you picked  
> to name the talk or is there more to it?

Nah- 'Hacking your iBook' is just a general name to allude to the mass  
of iBooks seen at Open Source, Developer, and Hacking conferences  
etc...  There's gotta be a good reason more folks are running Apple  


With that stated, it's not going to be a talk that is limited to iBooks  
at all- it's about hacking and making stuff with  
Darwin/BSD/MacOSX/Apple Machines etc...  The info presented will be  
applicable on hardware from XServes to iBooks to Powerbooks to G5  
machines, and even to X86 since Darwin runs on X86...

The general aim for audience would be *NIX folks who are curious about  
hacking apple stuff, or have an apple machine and want the low-down on  
mad hacking- but esp. after the last lecture, (Apple Engineers), there  
will be little to no info on hardware and Apple stuff- and more about  
making/hacking stuff... <g>


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