[nycbug-talk] requests for tools and utilities... thoughts

Mike King Mikel.King
Fri Feb 6 23:24:47 EST 2004

George and I have been talking, and one of the many ideas I've thrown out at him is to create a set of utilities bundled together called NYCTools (yes it's a lame atempt at word play on our 'nice' theme). I am absolutely certain that many of you have utilities and little scripts that you've written that would be handy to share providing that you're employerer hasn't imposed any restrictions on your ideas and personally developed code.

So that being said I am thinking that since one of my buds; a former coworker of mine is mozdev.org and he recently port that site to FreeBSD 5.2, I might beable to launch an entire NYCProjects tangent site so that we can manage our local projects and build this tree.

Ok so how does this sound to every one else? I'd like to get some dialog going and in short order make these things happen.

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