[nycbug-talk] meeting for Wednesday March 3rd

Mikel King mikel.king
Sat Feb 7 14:41:26 EST 2004

Before this hit's the announce list George and I would like to finalize 
some details.

We have quite alot of irons in the fire right now and momentum is really 
good. Thoughts regarding the next meeing are as follows;

1. To host and activity planning session immediately prior to the 
standard NYCBug users group meeting. We have tentatively set this for 
6pm at the designated location. This meeting would be to openly discuss 
projects, ideas, relay news and events from the other lists, the general 
direction of things to come, and to consume copias amounts of coffee, et 
cettera... the focus it NYCBug planning, mobilization, public relations 
and the like. This would be open to all but only project planners would 
be required to attend.

2. Begin the Seminar portion of the meeting at 6:30.

Ok now that that's out of the way, here' what we have thus far for the 
Activities planning meeting...

    1. Website developement
    2. NFP status
    3. Openlysecure.org
    4. Build fest

Does anyone have any other ideas? keep in mind that we have 
approximately 30min planned for this segment, We could probably add 
another 15 minutes on the the begining, but ideally we'd like to ensure 
that every one has enough time to get in and situated. Additionally we 
don't want to push the regular meeting back too far if it can be avoided.

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