[nycbug-talk] meeting for Wednesday March 3rd

G. Rosamond george
Sat Feb 7 15:23:57 EST 2004

->1. To host and activity planning session immediately prior to the 
->standard NYCBug users group meeting. We have tentatively set this for 
->6pm at the designated location. This meeting would be to 
->openly discuss 
->projects, ideas, relay news and events from the other lists, 
->the general 
->direction of things to come, and to consume copias amounts of 
->coffee, et 
->cettera... the focus it NYCBug planning, mobilization, public 
->and the like. This would be open to all but only project 
->planners would 
->be required to attend.

no one is *required* to attend. . .it would just be for those who are
interested in actually planning activities. . .we can assume this is a
smaller group than is present at the general meetings. . .the point is
not to infect the main monthly meeting with the minutia of details.

->2. Begin the Seminar portion of the meeting at 6:30.
->Ok now that that's out of the way, here' what we have thus 
->far for the 
->Activities planning meeting...
->    1. Website developement
->    2. NFP status
->    3. Openlysecure.org
->    4. Build fest
->Does anyone have any other ideas? keep in mind that we have 
->approximately 30min planned for this segment, We could probably add 
->another 15 minutes on the the begining, but ideally we'd like 
->to ensure 
->that every one has enough time to get in and situated. 
->Additionally we 
->don't want to push the regular meeting back too far if it can 
->be avoided.

under no circumstances should this meeting go past 6:45 pm.  short,
sweet, and to the point.


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