[nycbug-talk] wlan question. . .

G. Rosamond george
Wed Feb 18 00:13:48 EST 2004

i may be working out a deal with a local computer store to provide
wireless access in our neighborhood.

we'll setup two access points, and look to restrict access by mac
address (yeah, yeah, i know it's spoofable).

while i have truly fallen in love with the apple airport (wpa with or
without radius, closed networks, so easy to configure yet so
sophisticated), i may just look to use bsd access points.  i've read
through enough of the documentation and don't believe it would be too
monumental a task. . .


1.  i haven't yet setup a bsd box as an access point.  are there any
useful apps to restrict by mac?  i have played for a long while with
bsd-airtools, configured a few different wireless cards on bsd, but
that's the extent of my wireless bsd experience.

2.  more generally, what are the issues with the isp's and reselling
their bandwidth.  has anyone dealt with this type of thing?

any other points to add-on?

thanks for the insight.


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