[nycbug-talk] list protocol. . .

Gerald gcoon
Sat Feb 21 20:24:15 EST 2004

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004, Dan Langille wrote:

> Everyone, and I do mean *everyone*, has been a newbie.  I remember
> struggling to get my first BSD machine set up.  I haven't forgotten.
> Neither have I forgotten the very kind help I recieved when I got stuck.
> I have returned the favour many times over.  I will continue to do so.

This is too funny. When I was a newbie web sites specifically like
freebsddiary.org, the online handbook, and one of the admins that was well
versed in BSD helped me learn.

I find it funny because Dan is freebsddiary.org. If you've never been to
the site (even though it's getting a little dated now on some topics) it
is a great place to learn basic step-by-step How do I $Something on
FreeBSD. Where $Something is a huge list of topics.

One day when I actually have the time and motivation I hoped to
finish/start my macosxdiary.org. I registered it a while back but never
took the time to put the site together.


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