[nycbug-talk] Re: still netiquette {to ibook for sale?}

G. Rosamond George
Wed Feb 18 15:54:57 EST 2004

A wise person once said. . . Okan Demirmen
> On Wed 2004.02.18 at 12:40 -0500, Jan Schaumann wrote:
>> I'm still surprised by the large number of Outlook users in presumably
>> predominantly geek mailinst lists.
> me too. but everyone and their dog gives me a reason why; i have
> just given up caring - unless, that is, if they send me crap in
> tnef, which busts my bubble, but this is way off topic.....
> okan

call them excuses, but i know that many people are at work, and don't
necessarily have control of their os.  in my case, quickbooks will keep my
primary desktop w32 for a while to come. . .it's what my business runs off
of.  and i've heard very mixed things about small business accounting
packages for the mac, including their port of quickbooks.  additionally,
most of my clients are predominantly w32-based, and complete
interoperability with them is critical.
despite that i am buying an ibook in the short term. . .

so, to change the topic. . .

anyone have a g4 ibook they want to hawk to me?


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