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jc jesse
Wed Feb 18 18:24:41 EST 2004

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> A wise person once said. . . Okan Demirmen
> > On Wed 2004.02.18 at 12:40 -0500, Jan Schaumann wrote:
> <snip>
> >> I'm still surprised by the large number of Outlook users in presumably
> >> predominantly geek mailinst lists.
> >
> > me too. but everyone and their dog gives me a reason why; i have
> > just given up caring - unless, that is, if they send me crap in
> > tnef, which busts my bubble, but this is way off topic.....
> >
> > okan
> call them excuses, but i know that many people are at work, and don't
> necessarily have control of their os.  in my case, quickbooks will keep my
> primary desktop w32 for a while to come. . .it's what my business runs off
> of.  and i've heard very mixed things about small business accounting
> packages for the mac, including their port of quickbooks.  additionally,
> most of my clients are predominantly w32-based, and complete
> interoperability with them is critical.
> despite that i am buying an ibook in the short term. . .
> so, to change the topic. . .
> anyone have a g4 ibook they want to hawk to me?
> g

 Outlook it is... and I too am very interested in a used ibook. Can't wait
to get OfficeX running... no I'm kidding. I just want something for my 1.5
hr train ride every day .... and every night.

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