[nycbug-talk] wlan -> bandwidth reseller

Marc Spitzer mspitze1
Thu Feb 19 18:46:56 EST 2004

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 18:07:04 -0500
Jonathan Hirschman <jonathan at hirschman.net> wrote:

> One problem with Cablevision's business offerings (BOOL, or Optimum 
> Online for Business) is that they do not support static IP addresses. 
> That may or may not be an issue for some folks - it is for me.

I said Lightpath not BOOL, Lightpath will sell you a T1 or T3 ... and
what you do with it is your business, just check the contract.  I think
that BOOL is just a cable modem attached to a business account,
different type of service.  They will also sell you BOOL.  I used to
work at OOL and managing static ip space on that plant is not a simple
problem, routing will quickly get very ugly.  And ARIN will look at the
percentage of used vs allocated ip space so if you have customers with
a contract for 64 static ips that uses 10 ARIN will say reclaim those
and when you run out come and talk to me.  They also frown on small cidr
blocks.  You can get 64 /30 blocks( 4 ip with 2 usable for clients) per
class C (/24) so you have 128-192 ips wasted per class C for static ips.

The list of issues goes on and that is why light path handles it for 
people who need real server grade connections and they handle BOOL for
the low end customers that do not need or want to pay for servers, they 
need web access and it works fine for that.


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