[nycbug-talk] wlan -> bandwidth reseller

Jonathan Hirschman jonathan
Thu Feb 19 19:04:54 EST 2004

That's all great, but I think that the original poster was looking for 
something a bit more affordable than a T1 or T3 - which is why I figured 
that you were talking about BOOL.


Marc Spitzer wrote:

> On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 18:07:04 -0500
> Jonathan Hirschman <jonathan at hirschman.net> wrote:
>>One problem with Cablevision's business offerings (BOOL, or Optimum 
>>Online for Business) is that they do not support static IP addresses. 
>>That may or may not be an issue for some folks - it is for me.
> I said Lightpath not BOOL, Lightpath will sell you a T1 or T3 ... and
> what you do with it is your business, just check the contract.  I think
> that BOOL is just a cable modem attached to a business account,
> different type of service.  They will also sell you BOOL.  I used to
> work at OOL and managing static ip space on that plant is not a simple
> problem, routing will quickly get very ugly.  And ARIN will look at the
> percentage of used vs allocated ip space so if you have customers with
> a contract for 64 static ips that uses 10 ARIN will say reclaim those
> IPs
> and when you run out come and talk to me.  They also frown on small cidr
> blocks.  You can get 64 /30 blocks( 4 ip with 2 usable for clients) per
> class C (/24) so you have 128-192 ips wasted per class C for static ips.
> The list of issues goes on and that is why light path handles it for 
> people who need real server grade connections and they handle BOOL for
> the low end customers that do not need or want to pay for servers, they 
> need web access and it works fine for that.
> marc
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