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Dan Langille dan
Sat Feb 21 14:35:15 EST 2004

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004, Mikel King wrote:

> Everyone get's stuck and people new to BSD let alone UNIX tend to get
> stuck more often. One of  Sloth's present arguments is that there isn't
> any support for joe business user out there.
> The argument that I have heard more times than I care to recount is that
> if JBU can't figure it out then he isn't BSD material anyway, let him go
> try one of those big linux distros, or better yet let him go back to
> redmond.
> If we some one drops BSD because we didn't help them by pointing them to
> the correct reference and answering their question in a friendly polite
> manner then we are not really living up to the NYCBUG name.

What Mikel said.

Everyone, and I do mean *everyone*, has been a newbie.  I remember
struggling to get my first BSD machine set up.  I haven't forgotten.
Neither have I forgotten the very kind help I recieved when I got stuck.
I have returned the favour many times over.  I will continue to do so.

I am having trouble phrasing this next statement without sounding rude:
If a group has a mission statement and you don't agree with it, shouldn't
you be finding another group?  Or at least not going against the

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