[nycbug-talk] list protocol. . .

G. Rosamond george
Sat Feb 21 14:41:05 EST 2004


->> polite manner then we are not really living up
to the NYCBUG name.
->What Mikel said.
->Everyone, and I do mean *everyone*, has been a
newbie.  I 
->remember struggling to get my first BSD machine
set up.  I 
->haven't forgotten.
->Neither have I forgotten the very kind help I
recieved when I 
->got stuck.
->I have returned the favour many times over.  I
will continue to do so.
->I am having trouble phrasing this next statement
->sounding rude:
->If a group has a mission statement and you don't
agree with 
->it, shouldn't you be finding another group?  Or
at least not 
->going against the statement?
->Dan Langille - BSDCan: http://www.bsdcan.org/ 

dan & mikel:

strongly agree with the sentiment.

read the mission statement on the homepage. . .

There are two NYCBUG goals:

    * To provide a forum for regular users of the
BSD family.
    * To provide a bridge to technical users
interested in expanding their knowledge of the BSD

by 'technical users' we don't mean those looking
to physically identify their mouse, of course.  or
users looking for quark short-cut keys. . .

while some seem to disagree, i hope nycbug can
become a bridge between the newer and more
experienced bsd users in nyc.

part of becoming experienced is being part of
regular discussions, understanding the lexicon,
knowing the resources, etc.

we don't want to dumb down things, but neither do
we want to build a wall of arrogance.
particularly when it's a wall that many of us had
to cross in the past.


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