[nycbug-talk] current FreeBSD Advocacy thread

Ray ray
Sat Mar 6 02:12:05 EST 2004

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 10:34:48PM -0500, G. Rosamond wrote:
> I think it's clear that the OpenBSD project isn't interested in catering
> to those even unfamiliar with disk partitions.  ;-)
> However, this seems a bit strange to me.  I've watched the changes in
> the FreeBSD installer for years now, and while it's not a graphical user
> interface, it's as clear as day and very straight-forward.  Not to

I personall feel that the OpenBSD installer is clear as day and
very straight-forward.  It's all about familiarity.  Any operating
system that I've installed several times I can handle almost
blindfolded--give me something new and I'll spot its weaknesses,
complain about it a bit, but after a couple of tries I'll feel right
at home.

Until we have an installer than a true newbie can install like a
pro, we really don't have a good installer.  I would say that the
Windows 2000 installer was awesome simply because I installed it
without any problems and didn't have any questions as to what was
what the first time I installed it.  Of course, I completely disagree
with what choices it made for me in regard to all the enabled


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