[nycbug-talk] current FreeBSD Advocacy thread

Pete Wright pete
Mon Mar 8 10:13:32 EST 2004

Ray wrote:

>Until we have an installer than a true newbie can install like a
>pro, we really don't have a good installer.  I would say that the
>Windows 2000 installer was awesome simply because I installed it
>without any problems and didn't have any questions as to what was
>what the first time I installed it.  Of course, I completely disagree
>with what choices it made for me in regard to all the enabled

<rant>not to start a religious war, but i really can't stand the Win2k, 
XP etc. installers.  I see no reason why i should have reboot about 4 
times to get a basic desktop system, then have to reboot another 4-6 
times to just get the thing OK to run on a network.</rant> 
Sorry, had to vent that...on a similar note, you all might be interested 
in a discussion that Debian is having regarding this issue.  The default 
installer is a basic curses affair, easy to use and *very* flexible.  
There is alot of disscussion going on there now regarding a new 
installation framework.  Basicly, they think a more modular installer 
that would allow people to create new frontends w/o changin the basic 
back-end functionality is thier goal from what i understand.  I'm not 
sure if any BSD needs a new installer or anything like that, but it 
seems pretty related.


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