[nycbug-talk] Firewalls

Isaac Levy ike
Wed May 12 02:56:18 EDT 2004

Hi All,

Forked thread again here,

> ;-)
> Maybe with firewalling. . .ipchains/tables/netchains versus fbsd ipfw 
> and obsd pf.

This is a good one that I'm still dying for a truly non-biased 
explanation of- (perhaps at BSDCAN?)  Or- perhaps this is a good topic 
for an entire meeting?

We could get some sports announcer to moderate between 
experts/hardcores who use various firewalling techniques and 

I understand that firewalls are very different from a use perspective, 
but I'm looking for a serious BREAKDOWN... (seeing as I really only 
know ipfw, and most of the threat model for what I do is oriented 
around making the application itself secure, and making the app secure 
over the firewall (webservers))...  Firewalls for dummies is not what 
I'm looking for, but some sort of more practical level of comparison 
would be cool- and I haven't found that...


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