[nycbug-talk] wiretap act re change sendmail port from 25 to something else

Jerry B. Altzman jbaltz
Thu Nov 4 11:59:39 EST 2004

george at rob.us.to wrote:
> Here is one reason I don't like going through the ISP smtp server:
> It's not a violation of the wiretap act for the isp to read it "pending
> delivery to its customers" - and it probably works the other way.

WAY off topic for the BSD list, but...
There are a few ways around this:
1) cough up the dough for a "commercial" level of service that allows 
you to run a server on your end of the wire...but be ready if/when they 
shut you down for AUP violations if your machine gets 0nwz0r3d for 
spamming/virus magnification/DDoS
1a) Get your day job to set up a VPN and use your company's email server.
2) Encrypt the email you send out that you don't want middlemen to see.
3) Don't put anything in email you wouldn't want on a billboard 
overlooking the BQE. :-)

ObBSD: Right now I'm having no love or fun getting kde installed and 
playing nice on my Toshiba Satellite A10 -- anyone have an xf86 config 
file that they could ship my way?

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