[nycbug-talk] Re: wiretap act re change sendmail port from 25 to something else

a nice bug nycbug
Thu Nov 4 12:14:39 EST 2004

Jerry B. Altzman:
> george at rob.us.to wrote:
> >Here is one reason I don't like going through the ISP smtp server:
> >It's not a violation of the wiretap act for the isp to read it "pending
> >delivery to its customers" - and it probably works the other way.
> WAY off topic for the BSD list, but...
> There are a few ways around this:
> 1) cough up the dough for a "commercial" level of service that allows 
> you to run a server on your end of the wire...but be ready if/when they 
> shut you down for AUP violations if your machine gets 0nwz0r3d for 
> spamming/virus magnification/DDoS

Just to point out another alternative in our area (nationally,
really) to circumvent any port 25 issues - Speakeasy Networks lets
you run whatever servers you need at a residential level of service
(DSL), so long as you do it responsibly. They have 6Mb/s downstream
DSL too..


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