[nycbug-talk] off-topic | e-voting cracked?

Isaac Levy ike
Thu Nov 4 15:59:19 EST 2004

Hi All,

I'm sorry to stray off-topic here, and would ask that this thread be 
short and off-list, but I felt this post was noteworthy as many of us 
in the BSD world work in network security, and didn't want anyone to 
miss what could ostensibly be the most significant network attack in 
history to date.

At this point, BlackBoxVoting.com has requested US Presidental Voting 
Poll results from over 3,000 US counties under the US Freedom of 
Information Act.

Today, it seems as though there is some breaking news with regard to 
some computer attacks on central systems which tabulated the votes for 
key states in this US Presidental election:


I am not implying any side as the attacker, nor am I implying the 
election outcome would have been different, just that this is big and 

With that, I'll keep further news off-list, (as I sit here wishing the 
voting machines were built Open Source from the get-go...).


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