[nycbug-talk] off-topic | e-voting cracked?

Charles Sprickman spork
Thu Nov 4 16:27:08 EST 2004

On Thu, 4 Nov 2004, Isaac Levy wrote:

> With that, I'll keep further news off-list, (as I sit here wishing the voting 
> machines were built Open Source from the get-go...).

Are you aware that the Diebold systems are all running various MS OSes 
(CE, NT)?  And that the underlying "database" on the tabulating boxes is 
MS Access?  The dialin software is the built-in MS RAS stuff.

For some fun, have a read through some of the Diebold internal email 


If you look around, you can find some of the Diebold software online, 
including "GEMS", the tabulating software.  They left their ftp server 
open for quite some time.  That's how the blackbox voting organizer 
started her quest - the ftp site came up in a google search.


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> .ike
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