[nycbug-talk] backup server?

pete wright pete
Mon Nov 8 01:40:19 EST 2004

George Georgalis wrote:

>On Sun, Nov 07, 2004 at 03:21:42PM -0800, pete wright wrote:
>>hey ya'll thought i'd post this as a rfc type thing.  i've prolly gone 
>>for too long w/o a home backup solution, which is kinda bad expecially 
>>considering i try to help out on the bacula lists when i have time.  so 
>>i'm asking around what you all have going on.  i'm kinda cheep when it 
>>comes to electricity ($$ wise and environmentally) so i've been leaning 
>>to getting an older intel type system or possibly an older sun.  (think 
>>those consume less power than my current dual athlon workstation and 
>>dual G4 mac workstation).
>Haven't we discussed this before? Older doesn't necessarily mean less
>power. The via epia series M10000 has one interface, CL10000 has
>two. Those are 1Ghz and use 17 watts, the slower models don't even
>require a fan on the cpu (there's a lot more to deciding than the
>number of interfaces). They where designed for low power/heat embedded
>applications. I like the idotpc.com silent cube (8x8x12") case. Throw
>in a $26 sata controller (ebay yesterday, after shipping) and a 5 year
>warranty seagate 14 watt, 200Gb $130 sata drive (monarchcomputer.com).
>and there you go. Don't forget power cable adapter, shentech.com.
>// George

yea you are probably right.  there are two things that i'm basicly 
looking for, is scallable drive infrastructure (i.e. a large-ish casis 
that i can fill out as time goes on) and scsi.  hardware raid would also 
be quite nice.  so while it may be cheaper (w/o scsi or tape drive), and 
looks like way more power efficient to get one of these setups i think 
i'm still going to look for an older box with a raid card, and if i'm 
lucky a tape drive in it.

having said that, tape device support with sun hardware.  i suspect it's 
fine, just want to make sure i'm not missing something.


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