[nycbug-talk] Re: backup server?

a nice bug nycbug
Mon Nov 8 23:16:20 EST 2004


George Georgalis:
> On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 02:29:13PM -0500, a nice bug wrote:
> >
> >Thanks for the info George - my main concern was about the VIA
> >Ethernet controller and especially the main VIA chipsets.. FreeBSD
> >5.0 would not boot other VIA chipsets I had in FlexATX boards in
> >Shuttle cubes, so I wondered what the progress was. BTW what are you
> >using these little systems for?
> Well, tonight on that flaky CL10000 I successfully installed OpenBSD
> 3.5 and FreeBSD 4.10, sorry no 5.0 around. It would seem my cdrom
> problems where related to DragonFly DMA or (at least) bios dma
> settings. Haven't tried DFly again, but I think the issues I had where
> user (admin!) error.
> Some vital stats are here:
> http://c12.galis.org/nycbug/

Ah vr0, vr1 ... not much info about those in web discussion but that
could be a good sign.. and in 5.3-RELEASE

perl -lane 'print if /device\s+vr.*/i' \

it's in by default.. now that I think of it, Rhine has been around
forever so it should be..

> Which happens to be the box.
> I can't help but wonder if the problems George R had where related to
> BIOS settings.  The failsafe defaults disable onboard networking. They
> have to be enabled in TWO places, or go with optimized defaults in the
> bios, which is how this one is setup now.
> If you want a root shell to play around on it, send me a public key.

Cool - will do!


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