[nycbug-talk] Spam probes

Hans Zaunere hans
Tue Nov 9 11:49:27 EST 2004

> Yesterday started to look at Pyzor (http//pyzor.sourceforge.net).
> Basically it depends on spams been sent to a spam probe account and
> when the same spams go to real accounts they are discarded.
> Anyone got any good/quick ways to get into spammers lists? :-)
> I am thinking posting to some of the "test" newsgrops with my
> account.

I began to develop a system for this type of thing.  If you go to
http://nyphp.org and put your mouse at the very bottom in the left
corner (just below the XHTML,CSS text) you'll see there's a hidden email

This points to http://spamsync.net where you can generate random email
address to embed in pages for probing, etc. and then View Spam to see
what's been collected to those addresses.

The plan for this system was similar to that of pyzor, where I would be
adding analysis of the type of spam that's in the wild, but I never got
around to finishing it.  If anyone wants to help, feel free :)  It's a
pretty rough interface, but I know what it means, so if you want, feel
free to ask and we can take it from there.

Hans Zaunere
President, Founder
New York PHP

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