[nycbug-talk] Spam probes

Francisco Reyes lists
Tue Nov 9 15:31:05 EST 2004

On Tue, 9 Nov 2004, Hans Zaunere wrote:

> http://nyphp.org and put your mouse at the very bottom in the left
> corner (just below the XHTML,CSS text) you'll see there's a hidden email
> address.

Thanks for the pointer.
Did a "view source" and copy/paste your mailto with white background. :-)

> This points to http://spamsync.net where you can generate random email
> address to embed in pages for probing

I just made 3 email addresses.. a general one for mail related spam, 
another to put on the web page and a third to bounce spams from other 

> The plan for this system was similar to that of pyzor, where I would be
> adding analysis of the type of spam that's in the wild, but I never got
> around to finishing it.

You mean you designed spamsync?

So far I am not sure pyzor is for me. I like the idea, but the fact that 
there is a central server and there doesn't seem to be a distributed 
system worries me.

> If anyone wants to help, feel free :)

How does it work though?

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