[nycbug-talk] OT: ISP for T1 in NYC

Isaac Levy ike
Sat Oct 23 00:15:20 EDT 2004

Mikel, Crew,

On Oct 22, 2004, at 11:14 PM, mikel king wrote:

> I can also tell you for certain a dsl line is treated no differently 
> than a pots line.

NYC is a nightmare for this.  I've experienced NO utility to be treated 
well here.

Unrelated parallel- a new bar just opened across the street from me, 
sweet space, 2 halves.  The Heating/AC for the back half of the space 
had an order for more electrical to be run to it, as all their juice is 
used up front.  They put in an order for it over a year ago.  1 month 
ago the city re-paved the street, and directly after, the bar owner 
reccieved a letter stating that the city won't let ConEd rip up the 
street to lay electrical for another year, since they just paved the 
new road.

Now the bar owner is having to pay his full lease/mortgage on a space 
which is only half lit for electrical, and nothing he can do about it 
except open the half that's open.

I <heart> NY, and it's tough and creative inhabitants.

> I can also tell you for certain a dsl line is treated no differently 
> than a pots line. Verizon has absolutely no guarantee as to how long 
> it will take to repair you downed circuit in either case

Yep, I've been around the wailing and gnashing of teeth on SLA failures 
here too...  (Part of what made me stick to app. dev. and let the pros 
do heavy networking).

My .02?- if your app/connectivity is critical to some extent, put it 
all in colocation at a solid facility- the bandwidth available will be 
much higher and cheaper.  Apples vs. Oranges I know, but hey, it's NYC.

> but the 40 or so floors of offices in that building got...

Mikel isn't just talking... <g>


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