[nycbug-talk] OT: ISP for T1 in NYC

alex at pilosoft.com alex
Sat Oct 23 00:16:09 EDT 2004

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004, Isaac Levy wrote:

> Unrelated parallel- a new bar just opened across the street from me,
> sweet space, 2 halves.  The Heating/AC for the back half of the space
> had an order for more electrical to be run to it, as all their juice is
> used up front.  They put in an order for it over a year ago.  1 month
> ago the city re-paved the street, and directly after, the bar owner
> reccieved a letter stating that the city won't let ConEd rip up the
> street to lay electrical for another year, since they just paved the new
> road.
Sounds like its time for cogeneration. Altogether, probably won't be as
expensive (if its not in a residential neighbourhood and no noise issues.
Noise issues are going to be a huge pain if any). Diesel genset + install
is probably <25k$.

> My .02?- if your app/connectivity is critical to some extent, put it all
> in colocation at a solid facility- the bandwidth available will be much
> higher and cheaper.  Apples vs. Oranges I know, but hey, it's NYC.


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