[nycbug-talk] BSD Success Stories (fwd)

Sunny Dubey sunny-ml
Mon Oct 25 17:41:14 EDT 2004

On Monday 25 October 2004 16:29, Dru wrote:

> Wanna email O'Reilly and ask? ;-)

heh, what would I say ?

"this is nameless hax0r from NYC, please add bsd.o.com!


that being said

I think its really important that people eat their own dog food.  If was a 
clueless twit, and I saw "http://linux.o.com/BSD_Advocate.pdf" I'd probably 
think to myself "Linux is BSD's older brother".

I also think "marketing from the server room" is doomed to fail.  For every 
example of corporate BSD usage you can show me, I can easily show you 
examples of corporate NT usage.  Sure people like you and I will be able to 
distinguish fact from FUD, but the PHB reading that PDF can't.

I don't mean to offend when I say this, but such written material IMO is not 
going to help the BSD cause.

IMHO how available an OS to users at *home* is what is going to help it in the 
corporate sector/adoption.  People took the concepts they learned of Windows 
95/98 at home, and took it to the work place with Windows NT4/2000.  Everyone 
downloaded some copy of Slackware/Redhat and eventually had most ISPs running 
on it.  etc etc etc

What BSD really needs is a whole bunch of BSD guys to show up at random 
computing conferences, and to simply boot BSD on their laptops, with their 
BSD wallpaper.  That IMO is extremely powerful and priceless advertising.  
People are going to look at these "cool BSD guys" and they are going to want 
to do the same thing .... at home!  Once they get comfy with it at home, they 
start bringing it to the work place, and loading it up on machines their 
manager isn't going to care about.  The rest is history.

Of course I'm over-simplifying this, but hopefully you all get the idea.

Sunny Dubey

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