[nycbug-talk] BSD Success Stories

Steve Rieger steve.rieger
Mon Oct 25 17:51:01 EDT 2004

Hi all, am jumping in a bit late on this one

I just finished and won a major battle against MS, the corp I work at was
loking for a mail solution with calendering, and project management. After
much talk and recruiting the development team, we are going with freebsd,
for everything, web, mail, groupware, (open-xchange) ldap, pgsql, etc.....

So for all of those that think that bsd is dead I say not, I preffer it over
linux, and is as dear to me as solaris.

That's all

> On Monday 25 October 2004 16:29, Dru wrote:
>> Wanna email O'Reilly and ask? ;-)
> heh, what would I say ?
> "this is nameless hax0r from NYC, please add bsd.o.com!
> kthx
> bye"
> haha
> that being said
> I think its really important that people eat their own dog food.  If was a
> clueless twit, and I saw "http://linux.o.com/BSD_Advocate.pdf" I'd probably
> think to myself "Linux is BSD's older brother".
> I also think "marketing from the server room" is doomed to fail.  For every
> example of corporate BSD usage you can show me, I can easily show you
> examples of corporate NT usage.  Sure people like you and I will be able to
> distinguish fact from FUD, but the PHB reading that PDF can't.
> I don't mean to offend when I say this, but such written material IMO is not
> going to help the BSD cause.
> IMHO how available an OS to users at *home* is what is going to help it in the
> corporate sector/adoption.  People took the concepts they learned of Windows
> 95/98 at home, and took it to the work place with Windows NT4/2000.  Everyone
> downloaded some copy of Slackware/Redhat and eventually had most ISPs running
> on it.  etc etc etc
> What BSD really needs is a whole bunch of BSD guys to show up at random
> computing conferences, and to simply boot BSD on their laptops, with their
> BSD wallpaper.  That IMO is extremely powerful and priceless advertising.
> People are going to look at these "cool BSD guys" and they are going to want
> to do the same thing .... at home!  Once they get comfy with it at home, they
> start bringing it to the work place, and loading it up on machines their
> manager isn't going to care about.  The rest is history.
> Of course I'm over-simplifying this, but hopefully you all get the idea.
> Sunny Dubey
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