[nycbug-talk] OpenBSD 3.6 media

satadru pramanik satadru
Thu Oct 28 16:14:59 EDT 2004

Hey guys, quick question... I dunno how many OpenBSD afficionados are
on this list that happened to order the CDs in anticipation of the
next release, but you've got at least one.

If there are any others... Have you received your CDs?

I need to use an OpenBSD cd for a router install TOMORROW, and I'd 
rather not
install 3.5 since 3.6 is days away from a release.

My order went out much earlier in the month, and I was hoping it would 
have shipped by now, but it hasn't.  If one of you has received your 
copies of the CDs, is there any chance one of you could message me 
privately about getting a copy of the CD?  I really only need the first 
disk, so an image I could burn would suffice (or just one made from the 
i386 install folder.)

If any of you are in Manhattan, I could even stop by and pick up a copy 
today or tomorrow morning.

In other news, are there any stores in Manhattan that carry 3.6 yet?

I checked J&R (as reported on the openbsd web site) but they only carry 



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